Simpsy Basic

Build your own Customized & Integrated systems to suit to your business model. Customized system allow to keep your competitive advantages of your business process. Integrate systems eliminate redundant admin work.

Some example of integrated systems

Integrate Point-of-sales system with Inventory management systems. Tracking of stocks will be made easy, as stocks will be auto minus off once sold.

Integrate Leave management system with duty roster system. This aid roster planning as those on leave will be auto eliminated for duty.

Integrate Point-of-sales system or E-Commerce Shopping Cart with Accounting system so that sales revenue can be automatically reflected in accounting system.


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  • I do not have any technical knowledge, how do I Customized and Integrate systems to suit to my business ?

    No worries, we have a team of professional specialized in both technical and business process who will aid you to turn your business process into functions of the systems.

  • How long does it takes to build a customized system?

    It takes about minimally 1 month to build depending on the complexity of the system. We have a team of developer who are efficiency in building systems.

  • Will it be expensive to custom made and integrate systems?

    No we do not charge extra for this. Check out our pricing plan in our main page about our charges.

  • I would also like to have mobile app verison for my systems is that possible?

    Definitely yes. we are able to develop app that share data with the system that we have in place for your business.

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